Allan Crow’s blog – Day 2 of Bob’s Walk

Bob’s Walk Day 2: Glorious sunshine & great company

That most relaxing of moments when you kick off your shoes, sit back and go … aahhh!

We have to start our Day 2 blog with a huge thank you to the Kingswood Hotel in Burntisland for allowing us to kick off our walking boots and abandon them with our rucksacks, and then pad round their busy restaurant in our socks.

Rarely can so many weather-beaten, sub-burned people have crowded round the cake stand after scoffing a quite fabulous meal which was the perfect end to an excellent day on the coastal path (and two cakes are equal to one scone by the way!)

The food was superb and the service excellent, and our thanks to all -including our fellow diners – who made us so welcome.

The day was a joy from start to finish. The further we walked, the more people joined us – we ended up with over 20 people all heading through Burntisland.

Their company was fabulous and made the day very special.

It started at North Queensferry as we decided to head up the hill and into Inverkeithing – if you’re going to tackle a hill you might as well do it at the very start!

We passed Gordon Brown’s house and enjoyed the first of many stunning views across the Forth as we climbed high up Ferryhills Road before turning down and into Inverkeithing.

From the High Street we turned down towards the path, past the old railway line that once ferried thousands of Fifers to the dockyards.

We stopped several times simplhy to admire the view – the Forth was tranquil and captivating, and we were able to study just how far we’d come as we looked across the water.

Coming into St David’s Harbour we were joined by ramblers from west Fife who made the trek all the way to Aberdour.

Before that we had a stop at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club which was buzzing with activity – again, sincere thanks to them for the warm welcome and use of their facilities.

Refreshed and revived we set off for Aberdour just as the sun really started to burn through.

Cutting through the grounds of Aberdour Castle, we were stopped by two old ladies who made a lovely donation to the fund – one of many we’ve received on the journey so far.

Lunch was on the park benches at the Silver Sands where more family and friends joined us, along with a delegation from the Rotary Club of Kinghorn and Burntisland who accompanied us all the way to Burntisland.

The walk along the side of the Forth whizzed past amid great chat, and it was fascinating to hear them pinpoint landmarks and tell the stories behind them.

They also took us up to the Viewpoint – a fabulous attraction we would otherwise have missed.

The views were stunning. From the noisy and excitement of the shows on the Links to the tranquility of the Forth, it showed Burntisland at its very, very best.

Back down to the High Street we regrouped and made the final journey to the Kingswood Hotel.

Total distance was circa 12.5 miles. Two days down and seven to go.

On Monday we head from Burntisland to Buckhaven with a special stop at Maggie’s Fife.

If you’d like to join us for a short walk – or the whole thing – please check our itinerary on – we’d be delighted to see you. If you wish to make a donation online please visit – or simply help by sharing this link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and any other social media or web forums you use.

All money raised goes directly to Maggie’s Fife


Photo of Dr Bob and the group on Day 2 – courtesy of Suresh Patel