Allan Crow’s blog – Day 3 of Bob’s Walk

Bob’s Walk Day 3: Burntisland to Buckhaven – the group grows in number!

The forecast was for rain. Lots of it. In fact day three turned out to be absolutely glorious – slightly overcast, but warm enough to leave the waterproofs and jackets in our bags.

Just as well … it was the toughest day yet as we walked from Burntisland to Muiredge, Buckhaven.

The schedule was for 13 miles, but the detour off the path to Maggie’s Fife showed a total distance around 15.6 miles, and the tower of steps leading to Muiredge took its toll!

Once again we were joined by many people who came along to support Bob’s Walk for Maggie’s Fife.

By the time we mustered on the steps of the Kingswood Hotel, Burntisland, we were joined by a team from RBS – whose support for Maggie’s Fife has been outstanding – Rotarians from Burntisland and Kinghorn, friends and former colleagues of Dr Bob; some 23 of us in total setting off for a leisurely walk up the hill to Kinghorn before turning down on to the beach and along the front.

Introductions were made en route, and connections quickly found with many of the new faces – it truly is a small world!

The journey from Kinghorn to Kirkcaldy flew past with more people joining us at the first stop at Seafield… or ‘Sheffield’ as my predictive text on Twitter had it! Come the end of the day my feet did wonder if we’d ventured that far south!

Arriving in Kirkcaldy we ventured off the path and zig-zagged through the town to Maggie’s Fife.

While the walkers headed off, I made a detour into town for some urgent boot repairs – basically, two and a half days on the path had destroyed my footwear. The soles had gone and a two inch split along the heel told me they weren’t going to make the rest of the journey.

I doubt the sales staff at Trespass on the High Street have had an easier, or quicker, sale – in, out with new trainers in ten minutes and my old boots confined to the bin. Ah, I’ll miss ‘em …

We all met up just before heading into Maggie’s where a fabulous welcoming party awaited us.

Again, huge thanks to Tu, all the volunteers, and Brian Munro. our newest associate board member at Maggie’s Fife, for giving us such a warm welcome.

The cuppas were much needed, and the array of food from Mandeep was just fabulous.

It was also a good opportunity for a group photo before we made our way through the grounds of the Vic and down in Pathhead before turning along to Ravenscraig Park for the next leg of our journey.

Again the trek flew past amid lots of chat and humour and we were soon through Dysart and climbing the steps that take you on the path towards Frances Colliery, along the back of the industrial estate and then down into West Wemyss.

Once more there were donations from individuals – our sincere thanks to them all – and lots of familiar faces met on the route.

A brief stop at the Walk Inn saw us part company with our troupe of medics and GPs as we headed along the Wemyss, moving off the beach and on to the country paths.

The weather was perfect from start to finish and seldom has the Buck & Hind pub been a more welcoming sight at the end of our journey!
On Day 4 (Tuesday) Bob’s Walk heads from Buckhaven to Earlsferry, a distance of 12 miles. We’ll be following the coastal path through Leven on to Lower Largo, Shell Bay and Earlsferry, finishing at the Golf TAvern.

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