Allan Crow’s training blog #2 – Bob’s Walk 2015: Stunning views along to the Wemyss

Bob’s Walk 2015:  Stunning views along to the Wemyss

Bob’s Walk for Maggie’s Fife takes place in June – 117 miles from the Kelpies, round the Kingdom to Dundee. Allan Crow’s keeping a training diary …

First time I had to climb The Path in Kirkcaldy I thought I’d need an ambulance. Boy, it fair gets the heart going and tests the old calf muscles … But what waits at the top is worth the brief huffing and puffing.

The route to the Wemyss really kicks in once you leave the main road and turn into Ravenscraig Park where the crunchy path through green parkland follows the centuries old wall separating land from sea. The views are stunning, the nooks and crannies in the walls leading to secluded BBQ spots and places where you can forget all about the stresses of modern life.

Out of the park and on to the path adjacent to the beach, through the tunnel and sharp left takes you into the wonder that is Dysart Harbour. It never fails to impress.

There is always something happening at the water’s edge – boats moored for repairs, enthusiasts working under the midday sun. The towering rockface is home to many birds which fly in and out of the nooks and crannies, while the giant chains seem to be made to anchor ships much bigger than those in the water.

Past the harbourmaster’s house and the new modern sea beams sculpture, which mirror the colours of the sea, and on towards the Wemyss, the steps are great for getting the heart thumping – making the seats at the top all the more welcome.

Along to Frances Colliery and on to the path behind the place where once worked thousands of Fifers, we pass a horse and its young rider before tackling the first of several sets of wide steps round and then down towards the Wemyss. The artwork outside the village is fantastic, while the main street has a real tranquil seaside feel to it.

It was good to see the West Wemyss cafe back open for business – it’s a welcome stopping point for many walking the path. Do go in – the food is fabulous and it is a community venture that needs your support.

Must admit I’ve grown to love the walk out of Wemyss and on to Leven – it winds its way around a path right down at the waterfront. It’s easy to follow and there are plenty of places to stop as you arrive in Buckhaven and Leven … and it’s an easy bus journey back home!

There will be a daily blog during Bob’s walk in June at and – plus several updates leading up to the fundraiser for Maggie’s Fife

Allan Crow is joining Bob’s Walk 2015, June 13-21, from The Kelpies round Fife Coastal Path to Maggie’s in Dundee, raising funds for Maggie’s Fife.

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